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Christian Institute of Church and Management Studies in Switzerland

St. Joseph of Damascus Institute of Theology and Ministry in Switzerland (JITM.ch) is a Semi-Independent Institute established under the support of Public, Private and International non-governmental organizations;

The Institute named after Saint Joseph of Damascus, the former Director of the Patriarchal School, the leading Orthodox institution of higher education in the world between 1836–1860.

JITM is a Christian Faith Based Institute located in the City Center of Zurich, Switzerland and managed by Greek and Russian Orthodox believers.

The Institute established in September 2016 to offer education for the Post-Graduate level, including Masters and Doctorates in different Humanity fields. We teach Theology and Business to from an ethical view, we believe managers and leaders must know and study more about ethic.

The establishment of a theology school requires the agreement within the church; Study materials and examination regulations cannot be enacted without the consent of the Church (Source: Swiss rules for theology institutes - case study by a Swiss Public University). Therefore, JITM started only after getting the blessing and support letter from the Education Committee of the Orthodox Church signed by the Chairman His Eminence, Bishop Clement of Irpin.

All Students from and living in Switzerland/Ukraine OR "United Nations Least Developed Countries" will have 30% Scholarships by having a recommendation letter from an Orthodox Bishop in their country.

The Agreement between TUN-Ukraine & OUS-Switzerland

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